Please welcome the newest members of the DrFrankKnits small model family:  The Daleks!  Watch out, though.  They just might EXTERMINATE you with cuteness!


 I think I will work on making these available for sale in the near future.  They stand on their own, so they’d make a great desk ornament – but I’ll probably offer them with an option of a keychain as well.  They’re a little over 3 inches tall.

I made a larger Dalek model some time ago, but the endless bobbles on the lower section drove me nuts … so this smaller model with a seed-stitch type lower section is much more doable.


 In truth, I’ve only seen a handful of the older Doctor Who episodes, so I’m not the greatest authority on the subject.  I’ve always thought that I should be a rabid fan of the show, but never seemed to get caught up in it.  However, I know the show continues to be very popular so I’m going to try to make a point to catch some of the newer stuff soon!

I hope the tiny Daleks made your day – keep an eye out here for more news and information on these and other cute softies!


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