Video Game Week

I often find myself on a “kick” of knitting certain things.  I think that’s just the way my brain works – it gets inspired by something and then spews up tons of ideas related to that thing.  This week that “something” seems to be shaping up to be video games.  I grew up playing games on the Commodore 64 – many of which I can remember the plots and images, but not the names.  One that I do remember was a game called “Hunchback” that I used to play for hours and hours.  You were a hunchbacked guy who had to dodge obstacles along a wall to get to the princess entrapped at the end of the level (obviously a common video game theme.)  I remember often getting hit in the butt by arrows on the particular screen where they came from behind with no warning!  Then there were the BC games (Grog’s Revenge and Quest for Tires) that ate up a lot of my time … well, at least until the floppy with Quest for Tires was damaged and quit working.

I remember salivating over friends’ Nintendo NES systems, but we never got one for our family.  As a teenager, I asked for one of the new Sega Genesis systems for my birthday – which I got.  Aside from the “Sonic 2” game packaged with the system, I think the first game I got for that system was the “Cool Spot” game that featured the adventures of the 7-Up mascot.  Is he still the mascot these days?  I don’t know.

Times have changed a lot.  I’m sure if I looked at the old games I used to play, they would look silly compared to the technology of today.  They provided me with lots of enjoyment, though.  I really haven’t played video games in a long time – today’s games look like they have way too much of a learning curve!

Anyway, I’ve been working on knitting various classic video game items.  Check out this joystick:

knitted joystick dayknitted joystick day2

I will likely make this pattern available as a “Free Pattern Friday” item at some point!

I’ve got a few video game items in the works for the shop … which I’ll keep a secret for now.  Also a secret is the video-game related free pattern for this Friday!  If you’re a classic gamer, you’re going to love it!

I’d love to hear about your favorite video games and video game memories!  Feel free to comment – you might just see an item created from them!

Unrelated to video games, but noteworthy nonetheless – my small pie softies pattern should be available for purchase this week.  It’ll teach you how to make a basic pie shape as well as several variations.

pie pattern blog pic

I hope your week is off to a great start!  Thanks for reading!






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