Thank You, DrFrankKnits Blog Readers!

Happy Monday!  I wanted to start off with a big thanks to all my Ravelry readers who gave the little dragster cars all their hearts!  I really wasn’t expecting them to be so popular, so it made me very happy to see.  I’m also very excited that they may be bringing some fun into your little ones’ (or big ones’) lives!  That is, after all, the real joy of toymaking – seeing someone get excited about something you made!  Also, thank you for the lovely comments – as an up-and-coming (hopefully, anyway) knitting pattern designer, it means the world to me!

Also this week, I’m working on a very special pattern set for the Etsy shop.  I am super-excited about it!  It’s so painful to keep things under-wraps, but I like the drama and anticipation it creates – so sue me!  Pattern sets are appealing to me  because I like people to be able to play with my toys … and sometimes one toy alone isn’t enough to play with!  The small pie playset ( is an example of that – sure, one pie slice is great, but four pie slices plus a pie server are much better!  Many of my stand-alone patterns have a bonus pattern or craft idea attached, so the pattern sets are really just an extension of that.  I’m hoping to have this new set available by Friday – although it’s still in the design process, so sometimes that takes a little longer than expected.  In any event, there will still be a related freebie pattern available on Friday!  And sorry, that’s under-wraps, too!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, though!

Other than that, the July blog reader discount is still available – but Thursday is the last day, so don’t miss out!  Enter coupon code DFKBLOG1 at checkout and get 20% off your order – there’s no minimum purchase.  Visit to check it out!

In other news, I’m thinking about adjusting the look of this blog page.  I’m not totally enthused with the layout and appearance of the default theme I selected.  All of this blogging and social media stuff is still somewhat of a foreign language to me, which I think many of you can probably empathize with!  Anyway, I don’t really know what effect that may have on your viewing of the pages, but please just bear with me.  I don’t think it will cause the pages to be unavailable – but if you see some strange things going on with headers and the like, that’s what’s happening!

Again, thanks so much for your support and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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