A Prize Inside!

I drink copious amounts of tea.  I’m sure the amount of caffeine I consume every day from my favorite beverage is probably way off the charts – but I choose not to think about that.  I’ve been drinking iced unsweetened black tea since I was a child, and the habit has stuck with me.  Anyway, to feed my habit, I seem to always be buying 100 packs of black teabags.  Usually I wind up with the Lipton brand, or Tetley, or perhaps the store brand if I can trust that it’s not going to taste like burnt sawdust.  Today I decided to try something new – Red Rose brand.  I didn’t really pay too much attention to the package as I took it off the shelf, put it in my cart, bought it and took it home.

When I got home and unpacked my groceries, I noticed the side of the package had an image of a bunch of miniature nautical items and I got a little excited – OK, really ridiculously, embarrassingly excited.


“Is that in my package?!” I wondered.  So, I furiously rotated the box around trying to find more info – and found my answer on the front of the package.  Sure enough, one of those toys was going to be in my box of tea!  So, in spite of not being finished with my last box of Lipton tea, I tore into this new box with abandon.  Sure enough, inside, wrapped in a small plastic baggie was a tiny blue lighthouse!

lighthouse mini

I hope there is never a day when I cease to be excited by these little things in life.  It brought back memories of chowing down on Cracker Jax at the ballpark and opening presents on my birthday.  So, if I wind up with 15 packages of this tea before the week is out, don’t be surprised – I’m just collecting these things.  They’re a nice source of inspiration, too.

I don’t know what markets in what countries carry this tea, but if you like little tchotchkes, you’d probably like to pick up a package for yourself.  The tea is pretty good, too. 🙂

(Note:  I was able to find out more about the maker of these small porcelain figurines, Wade of England, at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wade_Ceramics )


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