A Rockin’ Start to the Week!

I’m usually pretty easily distracted.  When something comes up that inspires me, or an idea materializes out of the creative mess that is my brain, sometimes I just have to follow it for fear that the inspiration and excitement will be too ethereal to hold on to for any length of time.  That happened this weekend when I started thinking about music and found myself with the desire to knit a guitar.  So, I toyed around a bit with some design ideas.  I knew I wanted to do some sort of fancy-shaped, edgy electric guitar, so my first thought was the famous Gibson Flying V.  My initial attempt was good, but not great:

flying v guitar

The neck was too floppy, the shaping not quite right, and I didn’t really like the way the strings were done.  Since I try to make toys that kids of all ages can play with, I didn’t want to simply make the strings in one long piece for fear that it might be a strangulation hazard for very young children, so I tried doing smaller straight stitches, but they looked too disjointed.  So, I went back to the drawing board and made everything a bit smaller to solve the problem of the floppy neck and embroidered the strings with one long strand, addressing the strangulation hazard by locking them in place with a few tiny stitches along the length of the strings.  That did the trick, and the second version came out thoroughly rockin’!

knitted flying v guitar

It’s about 12 inches tall, so definitely not a full-sized guitar but still fun to look at!  The best part about it is that I can go all Pete Townshend with it and have absolutely no worries!  I’ve started working on some other guitar designs, since electric guitars come in so many awesome shapes.  I’m hoping to have a collection of patterns for the Flying V and other guitars in the near future, and the toys themselves will definitely be available on Etsy soon!  Of course, I also need to get back to the task-at-hand of writing up and photographing the patterns for the next vehicle set!  Like I said, I’m easily distracted!

Have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “A Rockin’ Start to the Week!”

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m in love with the flying V! This type of guitar was my late husband’s prize posession. So great to see it knitted! 🙂 Your blog just makes me happy.


    1. Your comment absolutely made my day, Julie! The Flying V is one of the patterns that I plan on releasing in the future – it wasn’t too difficult to accomplish. So glad I could bring back some happy memories. 🙂


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