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Rainy Days and Tuesdays …

Sorry, I couldn’t resist “paraphrasing” that Carpenter’s classic.  We’ve had some crazy weather in Phoenix these past few days.  The usual monsoonal flow got a boost from a downgraded hurricane and created some major rainy conditions here.  Luckily, in my area, the flooding wasn’t too severe – I know that some of Phoenix’s flooding made the US national news.  That’s a pretty major feat for a place where there’s generally very little weather to speak of (other than dry and sunny.)  The rains seem to have subsided, but they’ve left bleak, cloudy skies in their wake, which is a bit of a mood-killer.  Right now I’m trying to keep myself smiling by working on this week’s new free pattern.  It’s going to be a very cool one – if I don’t say so myself 😀 .  Make sure to be here on Friday to check it out!

Another thing that makes me smile is that I finally got the BC Rich-style guitar toys listed on Etsy today!  Click the picture to check them out!


They join the other guitar toys already in my shop:

explorerguitaretsy2 guitaretsy5

In other news, several of my free patterns from this blog have been featured on AllFreeKnitting!  So, I’d like to say “welcome” to those of you who are visiting me from there!  If you haven’t been to that site, by all means go check it out!  There are tons of free patterns there, for all kinds of items.  You can also click over to my featured patterns and rate them if you like:


Backpack Charms

Music Notes

Pacman Playset

Thanks for stopping by!


Another Knitted Guitar and Some Shop News!

I added another knitted guitar to the collection this weekend with a BC Rich Warlock model, upon a suggestion from a friend.


White is always the easiest color to do an initial design in, particularly if you know that design is going to be a hassle. 🙂  I think this particular guitar is going to be a “toy only” item (i.e. no pattern release planned) because you’ll probably curse my name if you try to knit it yourself.  I was cursing my own name, and I’d have a heck of a time explaining exactly what I did!  Watch for the toy in the Etsy shop soon – in some more edgy colors!

In other news, I finally got back to the second “Land and Air” vehicle pattern set I was working on.  Today is photo tutorial picture-taking day!  Since we’re very close to its release, I’m going to share some teaser pictures of what the set includes:

locomotive29 p51mustangdone

The “Land” component is a locomotive, and the “Air” component is a WWII-era p51 Mustang fighter aircraft!  I love both of these models and I think your family will, too!  Look for the pattern on Ravelry and the toys on Etsy later this week!

Have a great day!

The Monday Report!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend – and I hope you made it through the weekend without too many real ice cream sandwiches winding up in your bellies!  Thank you to everyone for the wonderful response to that pattern, as well!

The lovely ladies at SimplyNotable were kind enough to do a feature interview with me on their blog!  Check it out at ! You can learn a little more about me and my process of designing toys … and make sure to check out the rest of the SimplyNotable blog as well!  It’s a wonderful place for inspiration and lots of creative ideas!

I’m working on designing the next vehicle pattern set in the Land and Air Series.  As usual, I like to keep these things a bit under wraps, but I will say that the “Land” portion of this set is super cute, and a different type of vehicle than those you’ve seen from me before.  I hope to have this pattern set available by the end of this week or early next week.  The finished toys will also be available on Etsy.

I’m very excited about this week’s free pattern offering – I hope the week flies by so I can share it with you sooner!  No hints, of course, but it has become one of my personal favorite designs!  Of course, I suppose I say that about everything – but that’s OK.  I find there’s no need to pick a single “favorite” toy!  There’s room in my heart for lots of favorites!  I hope you feel the same way!  Be sure to stop back on Friday to get this newest free pattern!

Since I don’t like to give away too many details on projects I’m working on, my posts during the week tend to be more about me as a person and my experiences outside of making toys – so there’s a lot more here than just Friday patterns!  I like to tell stories, I like to learn and discover and then impart that knowledge to other people, and I like to be a little silly.  If you just like a good read, try following me for more than just Fridays!

Thanks again for reading!  Have a great Monday!