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Another Knitted Guitar and Some Shop News!

I added another knitted guitar to the collection this weekend with a BC Rich Warlock model, upon a suggestion from a friend.


White is always the easiest color to do an initial design in, particularly if you know that design is going to be a hassle. ūüôā¬† I think this¬†particular guitar¬†is going to be a “toy only” item (i.e. no pattern release planned)¬†because you’ll probably curse my name if you try to knit it yourself.¬† I was cursing my own name, and I’d have a heck of a time explaining exactly what I did!¬† Watch for¬†the toy¬†in the¬†Etsy shop soon – in some more edgy colors!

In other news, I finally got back to the second “Land and Air” vehicle pattern set I was working on.¬† Today is photo tutorial picture-taking day!¬† Since we’re very close to its release, I’m going to share some teaser pictures of what the set includes:

locomotive29 p51mustangdone

The “Land” component is a locomotive, and the “Air” component is¬†a WWII-era p51 Mustang fighter aircraft!¬† I love both of these models and I think your family will, too!¬† Look for the pattern on Ravelry and the toys on Etsy later this week!

Have a great day!


The Start of a Collection!

I’ve got guitars on the mind!¬† It’s sort of funny because I’ve never played electric guitar and I only have extremely rudimentary acoustic guitar skills – that I haven’t exercised in over 10 years.¬† As usual, though, I’m fascinated by shapes.¬† Just as I’m not an expert in cars or planes but still love to look at them and ponder their construction, guitars and instruments are the same way.¬† So, I’ve been trying to turn some of those fascinating designs into soft toys.¬† On Monday, I shared my rendition of the Gibson Flying V.¬† Today, I’m sharing my version of the Gibson Explorer:

explorer guitar done3

Let me tell you, this one wasn’t a walk in the park!¬† All those points and angles going off in different directions proved to be a challenge.¬† This was the third version after a lot of math, redesigning and general pulling out of hair – lucky I’ve got lots of it¬†ūüôā¬† It’s not quite a perfect match for the Explorer – it’s much more stout, but I was trying to keep it in line with the size of my Flying V.¬† I love it anyway – and I guess the fact that it’s not really an Explorer means that I get to give it some cool model name!¬† My mind is blank right now however, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment!

As with the Flying V, this guitar is about a foot tall.

explorer guitar done4

I’ve had a request from a friend to work on a bass guitar, so that’s probably where I’ll go next!¬† Stay tuned!

Have a great day!

The Latest Bizarre Knit!

Social media is an amazing thing – it allows us to connect with people we’d never have met otherwise, and can reconnect us with people we never thought we’d see again.¬† For me, one of those people was an old Jr. High and High School Friend that I hadn’t seen in over 15 years.¬† We reconnected on Facebook and realized that we’re still just as crazy as we were back then!

I often put pictures of my knitted toys¬†up on my personal Facebook page for my friends to see.¬† On a recent picture I posted, this dear friend made a very random reference (or par-reference, I suppose)¬†to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Movie by asking if I was¬†building an Interocitor.¬† For those unfamiliar with this term, it’s a machine used in the 1955 movie “This Island Earth” which was featured in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie.¬† Within the plot of the movie, this device was sent unassembled to scientists to test their abilities.

Well, being the silly person I am, this comment put the seed in my head – I must KNIT an Interocitor!¬† So, that’s exactly what I did!

interocitor knitted

I know, I know … I’m sure everyone wants one now, but this is likely going to be a one-off and not for sale.¬† It was one of those knits that drove me nuts – looks relatively simple, but the shaping was difficult to achieve.¬† I think one of my dreams is to have an exhibit somewhere of these types of crazy toys that no one else will ever think of knitting!

If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s worth checking out.¬† And if you haven’t seen Mystery Science Theater 3000 … well, I command you to check that show out NOW!¬† I’m pretty sure that YouTube has every episode, and likely the movie, too.¬† For those curious, my shop’s name is actually a reference to Mystery Science Theater – a friend of mine would always mix up the names of the two Mad Scientists from the show: Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank.¬† She wound up mashing them together, and over time that evolved into my own nickname.¬† I hardly ever hear my real name anymore!

Have a wonderfully silly day!!

Snack Talk – Pretzels!

Taking a break from knitting design talk, I thought I’d talk about my next-favorite thing … food!¬† Well, actually knitting and food both occupy that “favorite thing” spot.¬† (I must make sure they both know that so no one gets jealous!)

I decided to make myself a batch of soft pretzels today.¬† It’s been some time since I made them last.¬† Although, around these parts, I’m pretty well-known for my breads.¬† Particularly flatbreads.¬† I have no Mexican heritage (other than being an Arizona native, perhaps) but I make excellent flour tortillas.¬† Alright, I suppose you could argue that flour tortillas are really more of a Tex-Mex thing, but I’m not from Texas either!¬† My ancestry also doesn’t come from Greece, but I manage to make pretty tasty pita breads, too.¬† Many times, I learn to bake or cook things at home because I’m dissatisfied with what’s stocked in the grocery store.¬† Sometimes it’s just because I’m too lazy to go to the store and I’ve got a fierce craving for something.¬† Whatever the case may be, there’s something special about an item that comes out of your own kitchen!

I think I learned to bake soft pretzels because I had a craving.¬† The frozen Super Pretzels in the market are certainly acceptable enough – I think they’re actually produced in Philadelphia, where people know their pretzels.¬† However, I’m usually pretty loath to make myself reasonably presentable to go over to the grocery store!¬† So, I just make them at home.¬† They’re boiled in a baking soda bath briefly before baking, which is what gives them that deep brown color.¬† When I used to bake pretzel rolls at work, we used a weak lye solution … yes, you read that right, we used drain cleaner … to dunk the pretzels in before baking.¬† True pretzels are always made that way … nothing compares to the glossy brown sheen of a lye pretzel.¬† However, lye is caustic and I often wound up with lye burns from the process, so at home I just use the baking soda.


After the dunk, they’re baked … very similar to the process of making bagels.¬† In fact, I remember reading that people used to make lye bagels.¬† I don’t know how I’d feel about that – the sort of salty, deep brown crust of a pretzel on a bagel would probably be off-putting to me.¬† My grandfather used to love the salt bagels, though … and I imagine those are an homage to the old-fashioned¬†lye bagels.


Anyway, the result is a tasty treat, perfect with some spicy brown mustard.¬† Sorry guys, I’ll take mustard over cheese sauce any day with my pretzels.¬† The vinegary, tart mustard is the perfect foil for the salty pretzel.¬† I never developed a taste for beer (in fact, I really don’t drink at all) so my pretzels are served with my drink of choice, iced tea (unsweetened, please!)

What do you think of a knitted pretzel?¬† It’s probably too easy a knit to bother with on its own.¬† Maybe some kind of knitted bread set including a pretzel!¬† Sounds like fun stuff!¬† I’m always looking for neat ideas for free patterns, so like usual, if you have anything you want to see, let me know!

And speaking of free patterns, tomorrow is Friday, which means another edition of DrFrankKnits Free Pattern Fridays!  Be there or be square!


One of my favorite things to knit¬†are vehicles.¬†¬†I think I’ve always had something of a fascination with classic cars – many of them were truly works of art.¬† I think they must have had actual designers that worked on cars¬†in those days¬†… people who really took an interest in how they looked.¬† Most cars these days will get you where you’re going, but they aren’t going to win any beauty contests!

I borrowed a bunch of large die-cast vehicles from a friend of mine to use as inspiration for my toys.¬† Aren’t they just wonderful?!


About a month back, I designed a classic Chevy Corvette, like the kind they used in the TV show “Route 66” … I haven’t decided whether I’ll sell the model yet, since it was quite difficult to knit, but I thought you might like to see some of my more intricate vehicle work.


And right now in the shop, I have a police car and fire engine model:

adam12 1knitted firetruck1




I am working on some more vehicle design for the shop … and this week’s free pattern will be a vehicle.¬† That’s all I’ll say for now!¬† Surprises are fun!

Galaga Mini Toys

Continuing from yesterday’s post, I’m still¬†working on the Galaga ornaments/toys.¬† I resized the fighter ship to make it smaller …

galaga ornament 

… and I made one of the alien ships.


I can just see these as an elaborate mobile display!¬† That particular application probably won’t happen, but a Galaga ornament set and playset pattern will definitely be happening in the future!

Video Game Week

I often find myself on a “kick” of knitting certain things.¬† I think that’s just the way my brain works – it gets inspired by something and then spews up tons of ideas related to that thing.¬† This week that “something” seems to be shaping up to be video games.¬† I grew up playing games on the Commodore 64 – many of which I can remember the plots and images, but not the names.¬† One that I do remember was a game called “Hunchback” that I used to play for hours and hours.¬† You were a hunchbacked guy who had to dodge obstacles along¬†a wall to get to the princess entrapped at the end of the level (obviously a common video game theme.)¬† I remember often getting hit in the butt by arrows on the particular screen where they came from behind with no warning!¬† Then there were the BC games (Grog’s Revenge and Quest for Tires) that ate up a lot of my time … well, at least until the floppy with Quest for Tires¬†was damaged and quit working.

I remember salivating over friends’ Nintendo NES systems, but we never got one for our family.¬† As a teenager, I asked for one of the new Sega Genesis systems for my birthday – which I got.¬† Aside from the “Sonic 2” game packaged with the system, I think the first game I got for that system was the “Cool Spot” game that featured the adventures of the 7-Up mascot.¬† Is he still the mascot these days?¬† I don’t know.

Times have changed a lot.¬† I’m sure if I looked at the old games I used to play, they would look silly compared to the technology of today.¬† They provided me with lots of enjoyment, though.¬† I really haven’t played video games in a long time – today’s games look like they have way too much of a learning curve!

Anyway, I’ve been working on knitting various classic video game items.¬† Check out this joystick:

knitted joystick dayknitted joystick day2

I will likely make this pattern available as a “Free Pattern Friday” item at some point!

I’ve got a few video game items in the works for the shop … which I’ll keep a secret for now.¬† Also a secret is the video-game related free pattern for this Friday!¬† If you’re a classic gamer, you’re going to love it!

I’d love to hear about your favorite video games and video game memories!¬† Feel free to comment – you might just see an item created from them!

Unrelated to video games, but noteworthy nonetheless – my small pie softies pattern should be available for purchase this week.¬† It’ll teach you how to make a basic pie shape as well as several variations.

pie pattern blog pic

I hope your week is off to a great start!  Thanks for reading!