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New Vehicle Toys Available in the Etsy Shop!

Well, I guess they’re not technically “new” vehicle toys, since I debuted the patterns for both of these already, but the toys themselves are now listed for purchase at DrFrankKnits on Etsy for those of you who don’t knit but would still like the opportunity to have a hand-knitted, unique toy!

One is the small classic biplane toy, designed in the style of the WWI era Sopwith Camel planes:

mini biplane main3


The other is a small police car toy:

mini police main1


Both toys are between 4 and 5 inches long and are great for both play and display!

I also have larger, similar versions of both of these types of toys on Etsy, so check my shop for those as well!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far – and be sure to come back tomorrow for the weekly free toy knitting pattern!



One of my favorite things to knit are vehicles.  I think I’ve always had something of a fascination with classic cars – many of them were truly works of art.  I think they must have had actual designers that worked on cars in those days … people who really took an interest in how they looked.  Most cars these days will get you where you’re going, but they aren’t going to win any beauty contests!

I borrowed a bunch of large die-cast vehicles from a friend of mine to use as inspiration for my toys.  Aren’t they just wonderful?!


About a month back, I designed a classic Chevy Corvette, like the kind they used in the TV show “Route 66” … I haven’t decided whether I’ll sell the model yet, since it was quite difficult to knit, but I thought you might like to see some of my more intricate vehicle work.


And right now in the shop, I have a police car and fire engine model:

adam12 1knitted firetruck1




I am working on some more vehicle design for the shop … and this week’s free pattern will be a vehicle.  That’s all I’ll say for now!  Surprises are fun!